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Market At MACC

Market At MACC embarked on its journey over two years ago, initially as a mere concept. However, the team recognized the potential and devoted unwavering efforts to transform this vision into reality. After meticulous planning, the inaugural Art and Farmers Market took place on April 2, 2022, and swiftly gained momentum, much like a bolt of lightning. Intuitively sensing a demand for a monthly market that would unite the entire community and its environs, their instincts proved correct. Boasting over 100 spaces to accommodate remarkable artists and farmers, this market is well on its way to becoming a thriving and prosperous venture. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mountain Arts Community Center, without whom this achievement would not have been possible.


Market At Commons

The Commons in Collegedale serves as the prominent cultural and recreational hub for the City of Collegedale and the eastern region of Hamilton County. We take immense pride in designating The Commons as our secondary venue for the flourishing art and farmer's markets. Through the expansion of the market, we aim to provide vendors with enhanced opportunities to exhibit their merchandise at various locations, thereby enabling them to reach a significantly broader audience.​

Market at Coolidge Park

Coolidge Park serves as the esteemed hub for cultural and recreational activities in the City of Chattanooga. We are delighted to announce that Coolidge Park will now serve as the third home for our thriving art and farmer's markets. This expansion of the market will provide vendors with the invaluable opportunity to exhibit their merchandise at multiple venues, enabling them to access a significantly broader customer base.

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Mission statement 


Shop the Market at, LLC is dedicated to providing customers with a curated selection of high-quality products from local and independent vendors. We are committed to supporting small businesses and promoting sustainable and ethical shopping practices. Our mission is to create a vibrant marketplace where customers can discover unique and exceptional goods while fostering a sense of community and connection. We strive to offer exceptional customer service, ensure fair pricing, and deliver a seamless shopping experience that exceeds expectations. At Shop the Market at, LLC, we believe that every purchase has the power to make a positive impact, and we are proud to be your trusted destination for conscious and mindful shopping.


Meet your organizers and team members. They are here to answer any questions you might have!


Robert Davis



Russell Davis


Kristen Picture.jpeg

 Kristen Clark

Marketing Coordinator

Mae Tipple

Grounds Manager

Music Coordinator


 Jay Baker

Grounds Assistant

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